We are a leading venture capital firm that funds and acquires promising companies across sectors in early and growth stages

What We Do

We partner with high-potential companies to help lay solid foundations and accelerate growth and development through funding, strategic and operational support and networking, thereby helping them realize their potential. We bring our experience, commitment and network to the partnership, in addition to our cheque book

Our Investment Philosophy

Fund and acquire pioneering companies with innovative, market-leading products and services that can scale

How We Do It

We partner with companies that have achieved market validation and are now seeking capital to fuel their growth. We’re in the foxhole with you, and our team helps partner companies navigate and overcome challenges together including:

  • Legal Consultation
  • Strategic Recruitment (Team, Business Advisors, or Board Members)
  • Marketing

What We Look For

A well-balanced founding team with a transformative approach to solving market challenges, and a business model that shows sustainable growth besides meeting consumer needs

If you fit the bill, let’s get in touch! Drop a line below and we’ll connect with you